A Pilot Program for a Traditional America

The American Monarchist Party is a proposition for the return of tradition to politics. In an age where Washington has become the stage for out-of-touch ideologues, we think the values of stability, hierarchy, natural order, and efficiency are keys to American glory. To bring those values back, we know our method needs to be as unprecedented as the Modern ideologues are daring. Sitting on the fence is no longer a solution against people who want to destroy our country.

Our Platform

What would our principles look like in real life?

Help Define the Movement

The American Monarchist Party obtains directives for its platform from its parent organization, the American Monarchist Society. While the Party strictly deals with elected officials in the Federal Republic, the Society deals with the larger mission of changing society and government to institute monarchy.

As the Society doesn’t yet have a defined platform, the items that you see are an ad hoc interpretation of how traditionalist principles would play out in policy decisions. If you want to see more specific policies, you’re welcome to volunteer, financially assist, or make suggestions in order to further the cause!

Rights of the Church

Not Securlarism

Professional Military

Not a Bloated Global Police Force

Maximum Small Business

Not Expedited, Too-big-to-fail Corporations


Not Outsourcing and Subdevelopments


Not Worker Abuse

Efficient Mass Transit

Not Dumping our Money Overseas

True Urban Restoration

Not Political Corruption

Industry Friendly

Not Endless Centralized Regulation

Simplified Healthcare

Not State-implemented Socialism

An Effective Solution

We pride ourselves for our position being the most tactful, thought-out political movement in the United States.

Well-reasoned politics are going to be the way out of “us vs. them” tribalism. We’re more than a party and community. Traditionalism is a mindset.

Discover the patrimony you lost.

We're Overdue for an Option that Works.

The United States Government is off the tracks.

What we have now isn’t working. Citizens have long abandoned civic participation in droves. We’ve left power-thirsty hegemons alone to vie for power in Washington, and they’ve sufficed to continually harm the American people for their own gain. We have a class of greedy elite outside the power of law, using the democracy nobody’s happy with as justification for tightening their stranglehold. And this is supposed to be normal?

We need a complete restart. With power comes responsibility. There needs to be a sensible party whose ethos reflects the care which such power requires. The old two parties need to be recognized for the public threats that they are. Third party solutions need to be more than one-issue backwater affairs that recycle each other’s voter base. We need to overcome harmful ideologue zealotry as a country, from both sides, and come together to espouse political realism. We need to use philosophy – long pushed out of American politics – to understand how to govern well, just as business school had business ethics.

All in all, what we’ve been trying hasn’t worked at all. No one disagrees. America continues to spiral out of control, and extremists are seizing the helm. It’s time for a new solution, a radical form of propriety, an extreme moderation to get the job done. The writing on the wall is clear: we need something drastically new to bring about the old ways that work. The only thing left to ask is, are you daring enough to be a trailblazer?

The numbers are on our side. The only thing that will stop us is ourselves.

Americans Who are Politically Independent
Americans Who Don't Trust Government
Americans Who Disapprove of Congress
Americans Who Don't Currently Vote

Candidates and Endorsements

The face of the movement.

Current Candidates / Endorsements


We’re currently trying to assemble a group of passionate political advocates to join our ranks. While there’s a lot of optimism, we’re not mistaken that a new movement takes time to build traction.

Thus, our first moves will be to endorse – or partially endorse – other candidates which are outside of our own organization. Don’t be afraid to suggest anyone you know!







The Rightful Place of Dreamers

While pragmatists make good bureaucrats, they’re terrible innovators. They’re simply inept at working through new solutions. They’re good a preserving the old at the expense of the new. While they have their rightful place, so do the dreamers. We’ve pushed the dreamers out of Washington because we ourselves no longer believe in dreams. Now we can’t fix our own institutionalized corruption. Is monarchy a bad idea, or are we limited by our own American experience? Remember that solutions tend to be things that were never tried before.

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The more public exposure, the better. You can do your part to make sure our party succeeds by reaching the American people.

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