The AMP is searching for political candidates!

Do you know anybody who subscribes to our beliefs? Are they an accomplished pillar of the community? Would they like to become the face of our movement in the United States? The American Monarchist Party is looking for an array of candidates at all levels of US government to pursue tradition in American government. Seize the chance to write history, along with elements of our platform and identity. The course of our young Party might rest in your hands!

Not one for the public eye? AMP is also looking for staffers and volunteers. A lot of man-hours go into the infrastructure, planning, and logistics of what we do. Staffers are an invaluable part of that team, and we need more of them.

We would like you to consider joining our team! If you’re interested, please email [email protected] with your intentions and credentials.

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  1. Hey, could I be your candidate?

  2. I want to run for political office for the American Monarchist Party next year

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